the floating veil above the vault

                                                                drapes the Ocean's bed


there is always a sunset

to take my breath away. just when i though i might've seen it all. -
# 2



"larger than a sail, over the fog and the blast
of the plushy ocean, he goes. admire his wings!
feel the fire at his neck and see how casually
he glances up and is caught, wondrously tunneling
into that hot eye. who cares that he fell back to the sea?"

from "to a friend whose work has come to triumph" - Anne Sexton
# 1


united i fly, by myself

there is an advantage to that too: often i get the middle seat unoccupied, stretch my legs
enjoy the ever so precious extra room nowadays, while crossing over the continent.

                                                 the first day of spring
                                                 as day and night equalized
                                                 flew north, United. ~


line in the sand

it is the sea that drowns me
raises me to the seventh heaven, afloat -
i have come to understand that
as i fear and utmost love it

                                                          but only when i let go -


breathing sky

ripples in the sea above the clouds:
the sky quietly breathing ~


making bread

                              the dough is kneaded at midnight, left to rise a couple of times
                              the bread to be baked at daybreak, served hot out of the oven
                              with a fresh cup of coffee for breakfast -


in the dark corner of my eye

white is sacred. more so against the black. 
its purity too dense, unearthly. 
_ _ _ 

wordless pilgrim standing at the holy gate
hat in hand i beg you for a slice of bread
eternity away from entering the temple.


twirling lanterns

fierce winds from the east roamed the cobblestone streets the other night
looming the finest of sand in an exquisite tapestry. felt like crossing a town
in the middle of the desert. wordless pilgrims / you and i / time [a]bound.
the lanterns in the nearby tree flickering and twirling to the howling calls
from distant galaxies. scattered now in the dust. sparkling at my feet.

then it rained for an entire week in a day.
washed the sand and your footsteps away.

"i am a universe in a handful of dirt, / whole when totally demolished." - rumi


just that

i stand before you, sea

                                         in my fluid skin
                                         comfortably naked

and fragile enough
to accept you

                                         at the point of breaking
                                         below my surface

falling in you.

                                         just that.

                                                                                           image from facebook (that i love!)


cast the net

                                              to catch the mermaid ~


"you were my earthly angel"

while wandering the nearby marshes one frosty morning in mid-january, i took a photograph,
that has inspired a friend of mine in Novosibirsk, Russia to write a beautiful poem about angels.
i am elated to share it here. thank you, dear Tammy! much love, 

You Were My Earthly Angel

by Tamara Galiulina

You were my earthly angel,
The angel of  the night -
My hope, my comfort, my treasure,
My one and only love.

You kissed my tears tenderly,
Tears of heavenly bliss,
Reflecting the iridescent colors
Of your beautiful crystal wings.

I dreamt we would fly together  
To the land of sunshine and no pain.
You said you’d love me forever
Then you left, never came back again.

Are your wings made of crystal still shiny?
Who thinks you’re heavenly dream?
Whose angel of the night are you now?
Is there Fidelity? Is there Love Supreme?


"angel's wings"


motionless blue

                                                  dark clouds pressing low
                                                  lucent sea-motionless blue:
                                                 heavy undertow

casting shadows at sundown


caribbean sunset

                                                the sun setting in my back ~

in [wave] breaking

                                                             in [wave] breaking
                                                                      there are always tears ―
                                                                              (just like the dew at daybreak)


footprints at dawn

i hasten to the seaside
search for your footprints at dawn
the sand swept even by the night wind
i rake with my bare foot to uncover
a trace of you, beloved

but none in the last
one hundred years of solitude
(as Marquez perhaps would say)

another sun sets ablaze
parts the rue sea above the clouds
i glide my palm over the satin grains
draw wings of an angel instead
to cross this nebulous
                                                                            lifespan between

which in inter-galactic terms
may very well mean "tomorrow"
i could flood in your arms (i wish)
be at your fingertips, no?

                                                                            until then: i imagine

"all around me, fables and fairytales"*

                               . . . from the enchanted forest of dreams
                               spell ancient wisdom under the tree of life
                               i sat there quiet in the darkness last night
                                                                                                                     listening ~