in the dark corner of my eye

white is sacred. more so against the black. 
its purity too dense, unearthly. 
_ _ _ 

wordless pilgrim standing at the holy gate
hat in hand i beg you for a slice of bread
eternity away from entering the temple.


  1. beautiful expression tane-mar
    yes white is deeply religious.
    but the wordless pilgrim should be able to enter the temple for a slice of bread.

  2. mirae, thank you!
    i did't mean to imply any religious believes, but rather used the image of this architectural marvel in the town center as a metaphor for the spiritually sacred spaces/relations/temples we all may encounter at some point in our lives, but won't enter for various reasons. thus allowing them to preserve and remain sacred.
    just like being not allowed to climb an ancient pyramid for conservation purposes, etc.