to the frigid world at large
beyond my photographs i am imageless
undetectable at any present
once i step inside the frame
time ceases to exist - i'm ageless
infinitely prese(n)t
bound to remain this way
in the minds of those who care
to know me as i am

still love me for real
                                                          till the end


roaring river

rootless roofless restless reckless
ruthless relentless, the river rages
roars rushes rapturous to the rim
of the sea, [re]cedes
to "that which is like
into itself"
ravelled, ravished

"the essence of that which is like into itself, is drawn"
- Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction


from the grass[roots]

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that
will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially.
If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry."

- Ernest Hemingway, "A Farewell to Arms"


pacific north-west sunset

(on the eve of epiphany)
the day grew tall, drew
fierce flames upon the sun-
down the sorrow of light's departure
its fingers raw bleeding
the imminence of next dawn
lavish rebirth
imagined, longed for
always different

rogue images
of havoc inchoation i-(a)m-
ages of grief, uncertainty
beyond the notion of time
abundance color love
"i am a handful of dirt"
and an open trust
in a kinder sun

at ground zero

"the beauty of a sunset is in its promise of rebirth." - 


imagine if, dream when

_ _ _

Crack of imminence in the heart,
while the foot of hope
dances its blue dance,
in love with its own shadow.

There is an expectant hymn 
that cannot begin
as long as the dance has not finished
its cultivation of time.

It is a hymn backward, 
and inverted imminence,
the last thread to tie the fountain 
before its flow carries it away.

There are songs that sing,
there are others that are silent, 
the deepest of all go backward 
from the first letter.

- Roberto Juarroz, tr. by S.W. Merwin

_ _ _

happy new 2014! remember, "the best is yet to come"
                                                                                                            much love,