How sweet

O, how scrumptious-sweet this season's apples
picked by hand from heavy branches bowing down
and how bitter-fowl in a month or two
if left uneaten


Basketful of apples

Out of sight ― a basketful of apples ―
imagined in my lap. 


Blind be_Fall_en

rose bereaved, blind be-
fallen by Sun's departure

Happy Autumnal Equinox!
Welcome Fall 2015!


At the old table

At the root
I acquire Grandmother's eye-
glasses wrapped in a handkerchief
place them on the old
kitchen table, watch them gaze 
at what she might have seen last
(with) her heart weakening
a wavering light abruptly quenched
some thirty years ago ―
through an open-wide window
a black bird in flight
a bare upside-down tree
planted in heaven by winter
dreaming of spring
to invert /


What's left behind

We will gather again
at the old grandfather's table
as an ancient thread-
bare hand leads [me] forward
whence I came ―

By the grace of our age
and the blessing of an earnest soul
this does not end here
not now, not yet
(except the pain)



(to my Grandfather)

One by one, seeds between my teeth
a handful of sapid figs straight from the tree —
melliferous drops sticking to my fingers
burning my lips, nature's goodness
biting my tongue —
Thank you, Grandfather!
Seldom are the things
you left behind, mostly rubbish
piling in the barn — rusted century-
old farming tools, twisted metal, warped wood
under decades of black dust) barren fields
once lavish-green, bent heavy with crop
tirelessly worked from dawn to dusk —
these are not
what have you remembered daily, but the promised
house you built from the ground —
a beating heart-h for the lives of others to happen
the laughs, the sorrows, the many
fruit-bearing trees you planted —
apples cherries pears plums
vines laden with clusters of crazy-sweet pearls
that one fig tree in the corner by the fence
reminds me of you, Grandpa, with fondness
as I pick a fig, fill my palm with season's ripeness
taste the heavens in my mouth, at the root
today tomorrow
each day at harvest I bow to you
and say: Thank you!
(and to myself: It's time. You must start planting.)