Fractal [e]scapes VI ― Quasi-librium

_ _ _

"The distinction between the past, present and future
is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." ― Albert Einstein


Floating scenery

However distant now, the Sea once was here.
His absence steeped in the rigid waves of endless
rolling hills ― a mountainous sea all around
as far as the eyes can spread, obstinate to rest
on a taut string-line horizon, instead
skipping as a flat stone on the crest
of a stalled present, over the bare treetops
abandoned homes under thick moss-covered roofs
tucked in slivers of ancient wool[gatherings]-
like blossoms grappling to the age-
old slate ― the living always reaching skywards
towards the Sun, then, here, now
in this very moment this floating blue scenery
encompasses my entire existence
gushing like an open vein, flowing, fleeting
as Nature claims her own, takes it all back
to heal, to heal.

Then the Sea may return, perhaps.

_ _ _


"Everything begins somewhere else." (Juarroz)

_ _ _ 

Everything begins somewhere else.

It doesn't matter that some things
still remain here
and even end here:
here nothing begins.

Therefore this word, this silence,
this table, vase, your footsteps
were strictly speaking never here.

Everything is always somewhere else:
there where it begins.

― Roberto Juarroz
tr. by Mary Crow


Autumnal light bands

It's true. I chase
the fleeting iridescents ―
and loose myself in
absorbed, quietly.
I in them and you in me


Fractal [e]scapes IV

_ _ _ 

Where does autumn descend to?
What does it look for under things?
Why does it drag all the colors down
as if must spoil whatever sinks?

And where do we descend to
like small portable autumns?
Where do we go down to even though autumn ends?
What disordered light
hollows out our foundations or erases them?
Or does life lack foundations
and only light swims in the emptiness?

Autumn pull us
towards a depth that doesn't exist.
All the while
we go on looking toward a height
that exist even less.

― Roberto Juarroz
tr. by Mary Crow


"subtle grace / ferocious violence"

_ _ _

"Humanity and nature are in a dance. In our better moments we live, breathe and move 
in harmony with this world. In our lesser moments, we simply consume it. In the end, nature
will be the one to consume us, with either subtle grace or ferocious violence."

― William Etundi Jr.