i * mag * ine

still wearing my wizard's hat amidst all of that - imagining.

"another day in paradise"

                                                 inside Bruce's candy kitchen white and red candies
                                                 were sliding down the old candy machine. children
                                                 of all ages watching behind the shop-window.


april full moon

                                                april moon nestles
                                                in these lush cherry blossoms
                                                the stars riveting

"seeing you heals me." - rumi


relief of water

_ _ _

male northern harrier hunting

                                        steady wings. tight hug
                                        of the land contour below.
                                        in [s]low flight. he hunts.


spread of wings - tanka

                                                 foam, spread of silk wings
                                                  tracing the invisible
                                                  path over the sea -
                                                  a firm push off gravity
                                                  in crystal resonant air

                                                                                                                  (it is all there is)


"why is the sea king of a hundred streams?"

"why is the sea king of a hundred streams?
because it lies below them.
humility gives it its power.

therefore the sage stays low
so the world never tires of exalting him.
he remains a servant
so the world never tires of making him its king."

66th verse Tao Te Ching
W. Dyer compiled translation

purple rain at sundown


palm leaves

isn't it so, that at dawn
a young sun bursts in the leaves
of the windswept coconut trees. shreds them
to slender barbs of feathers. the tender breeze
nestles between to keep the palms in balance
amidst the blustery storm near the shore
of my sleepless sea. and isn't it so, that
the same breeze wraps around my bare
skin now as i cast my bread upon the waters
long to return home. your arms to draw me near
after the storm quiets the way i have always
imagined - the wind in my spread wings
loving you fiercely
                                                        more than ever.

a young sun rising. 
rustling in the leaves.


wav[er]ing sunset

# 5

skeletal lace

skeletal lace is all that remains
of last season fallen leaves
painfully fragile and fading

at the very same place, where
a young sun eagerly weaves a nest 
for the shortly to arrive spring


great blue heronry (4) - call for love

males begin courting females by stretching their necks vertically
and emitting loud cries. courting couples will cross their bills (and kiss).


encore - tanka

at the water's edge
the mountain bows at sundown
the lake quieting
savoring each impression 
of sun's last glittering strokes