July's Blue Moon

Some things may have a chance of happening once in a life time ―
perhaps at the sacred hour of a Blue Moon rising. 



upward and onward
goes the sun turning west
and so do I ― incessantly pulled
in the opposite direction
by the stone of the earth
and the depth of a restless heart
toward the sun's inchoation
the nacre of havoc
where a phoenix rises



"The world is not comprehensible, but it is embraceable:
through embracing of one of his beings."

― Martin Buber


Bubbly blooms

condensed in clumps
of yellow bubbly blooms
skirt the longsome
dusty legs of summer


Floating dreams

"There are mornings in our lives when beauty falls into our hands 
and when that happens, we must do what we can to nurture and protect it. 
That we sometimes fail must never preclude our striving."

― Patrick Lane


Fluid abstractions

                                             in shades of light ~


To frame a flight

Dilemma: frame a flight, or
let it be, and break away, break a-Way
at sunrise.


Rising wings

On the grace of wings
extant dreams [re]turn, raise me a-
bove the orderly


Tis the open Road

Tis the open Road ―
astounding the mere proposition
of distance and destiny merging
in the grace of light


"I know not what I seek eternally" (Rosalía de Castro)

I know not what I seek eternally
on earth, in air, and sky;
I know not what I seek; but it is something
that I have lost, I know not when,
and cannot find, although in dreams invisibly
it dwells in all I touch and see.

Ah bliss! Never can I recapture you
either on earth, in air, or sky,
although I know you have reality
and are no futile dream.

― Rosalía de Castro, tr. by Muriel Kittel