the great blue heron fishing

                                                        in the gray mist at dusk ~

                                                        4 : 27 : 12  /  : 13  /  : 14


taking off, the art

is it so, that waterbirds*
push off the tip of their wing feathers
lift upwards on the echoes of their shadows
amid the ebb and flow of the ocean's breath
until sufficient air is gained underneath
enough to break away from earth
                                                  and gravity?

wonder how birds in the desert do it?

                                                       seems i have forgotten . . .

* double-crested cormorant and great blue heron taking off


grace of wings

                                       O poor heart of mine, understand
                                       you can't contain the grace of wings 
                                       once spread out in the light
                                              you simply can't ~


red rose petals

                                            red rose petals in 
                                            puddles of midwinter rain 
                                            amid white pebbles - 
                                            january love 

                                            on the eve of the full moon


wolf moon

                                                               "tonight the moon kisses the stars.
                                                               O Beloved, be like that to me." ~ rumi


balance is motion forward

the great blue heron taught me the other day, that

balance is motion forward ~

                                                                                  i learned.


sunsets from a week ago

                                                   thorny archways ~

                                                   there are boulders on the ocean's bottom ~

                                                   violescent twilight ~

what keeps me coming back for more of the same kind, is
to see the Ocean burning raw at low tide, [un]covering the sand
painting in the colors of a fervent twilight, ablaze . . .  like this!

never knowing when, but certain it will happen again

                                                                                                  it always does. it always does!
                                                                                                 the one and only. my love.

# 7/8/9


among the puddles

                                                              at the water's edge
                                                              white pebbles among puddles
                                                               eyes longing for home ~ 

                                                              (horizon fading)
# 6


In [linear] perspective

It is half reality, half illusion that make up the frames of life

half reason, half passion that keep them tied in a sequence.
In black and white to dream tomorrow's past before
                                                                                                     I dare imagining ~

"Each day is an opportunity to travel back into tomorrow’s past and change it."
― Robert Brault
# 5*

quiet steps

                                                              low tide, sodden sands
                                                              in the eyes of the ocean
                                                              i trace my coy steps

                                                              (quiet, both searching)
# 5


brea[d]th of wings

                                          on the brea[d]th of wings
                                          she parted with her shadow 
                                          vanished in the fog ~


angel's wings

                                                            "love is how you earn your wings." - Karen Goldman


behind the fence

“what breaks in daybreak? is it the night? is it the sun, cracked in two by the horizon
like an egg, spilling out light?”~ margaret atwood


subconsciously true

i think that it is the i in me ~ 
my disposition, my thoughts, my feelings
that evoke (acquire, if it suits you better) 
the images the camera sees, and
                                                                                not my eye [i].

then i scribble about it. in simple words 
ask the entire universe for more. of the kind.
relinquish the core of my being to be delineated 
thousands of miles away, turned inside out
beneath the layers of an unknown nebula
fingers molding the void, pressing the space
to the formless shape of my blood and bones.
pure. raw real. subconsciously true.
honest. to self only. (sometimes)
and vaguely obscure, evanescent
always morphing to retain wholeness
i fragment to grains of sand between
the stones of gravity to be i. slip in the gaps.
breathe the ocean unobstructed. full lungs.
as air dies off in the sudden gusts of wind
i cannot see, but distinguish against my skin
an inter-galactic polarity drawing me near.

lately i almost come to believe it.

kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, right?

"woman, with her very dissimilar psychology, is and always has been a source of information 
about things for which a man has no eyes." ~ C.G.Jung, Aspects of the Feminine

post # 800


off timing

lately i have been incapable to time my walks within the hour of sundown. 
i am either too early, i cannot endure the cold winds standing still and waiting, 
or i am late to be in the right place for an unobstructed view of the spectacle. 
but due to my off timing, last night i saw the sunset from a new vantage.
(after thousands of photographs taken at the same location) 

                                            it is how life works, isn't it?

# 4

new year's fortune

since the parchment fortune i drew 
from the traditional new year's feta-pastry 

expect a house by the sea
generous with you 
the new year will be 
believe it -
goodies coming your way!

i was just trying to be a tad more specific.
                                                                                     i smile . . .