"Aware" by Denise Levertov

When I found the door
I found the vine leaves
speaking among themselves in abundant
My presence made them
hush their green breath,
embarrassed, the way
humans stand up, buttoning their jackets,
acting as if they were leaving anyway, as if
the conversation had ended
just before you arrived.
I liked
the glimpse I had, though,
of their obscure
gestures. I liked the sound
of such private voices. Next time
I'll move like cautious sunlight, open
the door by fractions, eavesdrop

― Denise Levertov

_ _ _



А Вам я Небо напишу, 
И званый бал цветов и листьев, 
И свечи звезд не погашу – 
Ведь в сказке нужен свет их истин. 
Нужны надежды и мечты, 
Скользящие по глади пруда, 
И дар любви и красоты – 
Хотя бы маленькое – чудо. 
Еще – часы переведу 
На много дней назад и в вечность! 

Уджал Ахвердиев



"red leaf"

of all the colourful leaves on the ground a young couple fell in love 
with precisely this one, eagerly took it with them right after I had a single shot, 
and not before kindly asking if I would be keeping it, to myself. "of course, not," 
was my answer, "eternity has it now." the earth blushing. I smile.