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"Where is it, this present? It has melted in our grasp, fled ere we could touch it, 
gone in the instant of becoming.” - William James


"The road I follow" (Juarroz)

_ _ _

Now I can only wear old shoes.
The road I follow
wears shoes out from the first step.

But only old shoes
don't despise my road
and only they can arrive
where my road arrives.

After that,
you have to continue barefoot.

- Roberto Juarroz, tr. by Mary Crow


"He drew windows" (Juarroz)

_ _ _

He drew windows everywhere.
On walls too high,
on walls too low,
on blunt walls, in corners,
on air and even on roofs.

He drew windows as if drawing birds.
On the floor, on nights,
on glances tangibly deaf,
on death's outskirts,
on tombs, trees.

He drew windows even on doors.
But he never drew a door.
He didn't want to enter or leave.
He knew one can't.
He only wanted to see: to see.

He drew windows.

- Roberto Juarroz, tr. by Mary Crow


Means of living

Photographs in my recent blog entries are from the poorest region of EU, according to statistics.
It happens to be also the land of my ancestors, "an ancient land with the soul of a child."

Means of living make most days' meaning.


Rolling hills

                                                             _ _ _ 

                                                             : my longing for slanted horizons

The sunflower field


"To speak of sorrow"

"To speak of sorrow
works upon it
moves it from its
crouched place barring
the way to and from the soul's hall . . ."

- Denise Levertov


Чанове, зидове, водно колело и Мария Нейкова ("Двама")

Cattle bells, stonewalls, a waterwheel and Maria Nejkova ("Twain")

In my blood the mellifluous sound of чанове [chanove] - cattle bells
ripple along ancient stonewalls - зидове [zidove] reverb no hollowness -
succulent greens and a thirsty waterwheel far from the bubbling stream, eager
to hear taut strings strum to an old song "Двама" [Dvama] - "Twain" from
a classic Bulgarian movie of struggle : primal instincts, violence, revenge,
love and death in one. Козият Рог [Kozijat Rog] - The Goat Horn, 1971.
Bits of all these intertwined in my being. To. Be. I.

_ _ _

"And death? I believe the purpose of death is the release of love." -
Laurie Anderson (Farewell to Lou Reed)


Wheels in motion

"The past is never dead. It's not even past." - William Faulkner


The difference

It seems, a nucleus film
of smart white with a hint of green
is what separates a nightmare
from a hearty dream.

A balancing act.

The difference :
in the slants of my mind
and which side of the mirror
I would wake up at dawn -
reality struck, or still drifting
along these shark infested
shores of hope
and oblivion.

Gosh, I long to go home!

_ _ _

"In this world of trickery, emptiness is what your soul wants." - Rumi