divergent diversion

"The mind gets distracted in all sorts of ways.
The heart is its own exclusive concern and diversion."

― Malcolm de Chazal



"To have an inner life, to think, to juggle and leap, to become a tightrope walker
in the world of ideas. To attack, to riposte, to refute, what a contest, what acclaim.
To understand. The most generous word of all. Memory. To retain, a geyser of felicity.
Intelligence. The agonizing poverty of my mind. Words and ideas flitting in and out 
like butterflies. My brain a dandelion seed blown in the wind."

― Violette Leduc



"Life, yes, life without sheets of paper to be scribbled on, was a masterpiece."
― Violette Leduc



Vertical reverb :
an un-pr0verbial v0rtex [0f mind], 0r this
preverbal v0id 0f mine . . .
0vertly present?

"fall to pieces"

"All means are impediment. Only where all means fall to pieces, encounter happens."
― Martin Buber, I and Thou