off the glass tabletop : an angel flew

after the quick shower
droplets of fresh water drape
the skeletal remains of a coral leaf
span a dainty membrane over 
a charred angel's wing, dead 
tossed out of the sea (its element)
yet bonding with the likes of it
as nothing else on earth

bones and water dance 
in light, effortless

pause pulse glisten
as silver spills upon this barren
inconceivable sky-desert of glass
white clouds heaven’s dust
birth around the surface
breathe shallow-quick
insatiable air to spring
in flight again :
in the afterlife of a charred
one-wing angel

there is always a first flight
in uncertain times of change

one sure thing : an angel 
will always be an angel


"a spiral celebration"

"on the kitchen wall a flash
of shadow:
swift pilgrimage
of pigeons, a spiral
celebration of air, of sky-deserts."

- Denise Levertov


twilight mist

_ _ _

if i could stare long enough 
at the breaking waves at dusk
and as my vision blurs,
i would see the sea
 evaporating in the twilight.

find myself on the top of a mountain
curiously observing the fog
down the valley. you by my side.


message ab ovo

message ab ovo
someone carved in the sand

amid the foaming waves
perfect strangers' footsteps
seaweed debris mess-
ages of affection confessed
at the most uncertain of places
perhaps like the feeling itself?

two words: Te AMO
shouted from the edge
one world fallen for another

as the sea hastens to embrace
cut to the quick erasing



"by retreating to monovision, the superimposition of conflicting images 
is reduced to one view, and no depth perception." -