mother's egg-laying hens

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  1. fantastic depiction of line, texture, movement--love these series of yours

  2. these were the cutest, friendliest, most curious (always in my feet when i stepped in the yard), happiest quartet (singing all the time) red hens i have ever been around. laying an egg each every day too. when mother left the village for the winter, she gave them to her neighbour. eventually she may get them back returning in the spring, or just raise a new bunch. i smile.

    one day (not far from now!) i will have some of my own, i know. i love chickens!

  3. Thank you for sharing the story. They are such warm symbols of home & maternity.

  4. i smile. Iulia, thank you for listening to my story!

    the hens were very light too, unexpectedly for their size - as feathers in the true meaning of it, perhaps less the a pound each. bred for egg-laying not meat, i suppose. a strange feeling to my hands when picking them up and an unexpected thing to notice, but a change of times.