"why is the sea king of a hundred streams?"

"why is the sea king of a hundred streams?
because it lies below them.
humility gives it its power.

therefore the sage stays low
so the world never tires of exalting him.
he remains a servant
so the world never tires of making him its king."

66th verse Tao Te Ching
W. Dyer compiled translation

purple rain at sundown


  1. woderful, and so true...
    in the beach i have always felt the same humbleness and awe in front of the greatness of the world as described here by the ancient sage... the sea is such a master (in a different way than the mountain, yet equally powerful - or, for water-creatures like me, and you, i suspect, the sea is even more powerful :-)

  2. love, love the dense form and simplicity of expression in these ancient verses
    sweeping my mind years ago. still echoing, more current than ever.

    how wonderful you can relate to these!

    here is another one:
    "nothing in the world is softer and weaker than water;
    but, for attacking the hard and strong, there is nothing like it!
    for nothing can take its place.
    that the weak overcomes the strong, and the soft overcomes the hard,
    this is something known by all, but practiced by none.
    therefore, the sage says:
    to receive the dirt of the country is to be the lord of its soil-shrines.
    to bear the calamities of a country is to be the prince of the world.
    indeed, truth sounds like its opposite!"

    78th verse Tao Te Ching
    John C.H.Wu translation

  3. i know, i also love this one!
    (i am "fish" in the horoscope, and have mostly water aspects in my chart :-)

  4. "pisces" we are! amazing . . . spellbound by the black sea
    to be "held in its net of wonders forever". (jacques cousteau)
    and any other sea for that matter. i smile.