lace, light and sand

_ _ _


  1. this is so fabulous! however did you get that wonderful idea??? :-)

    the world reduced to a delicate dance of patterns and shadows, human skill and sand united in one breath... i am so enchanted!!!
    i love the subdued grayish tones as well!

    do you know the work of this artist?

  2. there was a wedding at the beach that afternoon. the lace was anchored in the sand, providing covering
    for the ceremony. the low angle making these intricate reflection possible in such clarity and detail.

    seemingly flat at first sight, yet so much movement, depth when i look at them now. hypnotizing to a degree.
    perhaps the reason i posted so many photographs this time. i smile.

    thank you for the link! i love his work - the way he embraces the temporary element of existence,
    celebrates it in such exuberant way.