twirling lanterns

fierce winds from the east roamed the cobblestone streets the other night
looming the finest of sand in an exquisite tapestry. felt like crossing a town
in the middle of the desert. wordless pilgrims / you and i / time [a]bound.
the lanterns in the nearby tree flickering and twirling to the howling calls
from distant galaxies. scattered now in the dust. sparkling at my feet.

then it rained for an entire week in a day.
washed the sand and your footsteps away.

"i am a universe in a handful of dirt, / whole when totally demolished." - rumi


  1. thank you very much, mirae.
    have a wonder-full day yourself.

  2. hi tane-mar,-beautiful expression

    what I meant to say was that the trees always seemed to me to be our speakers and the natural light also their lanterns.

    have another magical day.

  3. mirae, thank you dear!
    some time ago i wrote this - perhaps a gentle echo of your thoughts from the distance.

    much love,