"you were my earthly angel"

while wandering the nearby marshes one frosty morning in mid-january, i took a photograph,
that has inspired a friend of mine in Novosibirsk, Russia to write a beautiful poem about angels.
i am elated to share it here. thank you, dear Tammy! much love, 

You Were My Earthly Angel

by Tamara Galiulina

You were my earthly angel,
The angel of  the night -
My hope, my comfort, my treasure,
My one and only love.

You kissed my tears tenderly,
Tears of heavenly bliss,
Reflecting the iridescent colors
Of your beautiful crystal wings.

I dreamt we would fly together  
To the land of sunshine and no pain.
You said you’d love me forever
Then you left, never came back again.

Are your wings made of crystal still shiny?
Who thinks you’re heavenly dream?
Whose angel of the night are you now?
Is there Fidelity? Is there Love Supreme?


"angel's wings"

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