The Starry Sky . . . (Lars Gustafsson)

The starred sky, the fixed stare of the galaxies.
The universe stubbornly upholding enormous distances
against our just-as-eager strivings to see the world as small,
possible to survey, trafficable for signals and observations.
Quantum logic in physics and chemistry.
The same thing: matter's obstinate refusal to be 
       anything but probabilities,
shadows that sweep over distant cliffs at sunset,
sudden gusts that run through a single aspen in the grove
   and leave it almost still.
And our stubborn eager battle for a substance,
for particles, individualities, things that refuse to 
        exist in the physical world.
This world of distances and shadows
and random leaps between the spectral lines,
this frighteningly still dance
is what I mean
by the world's stillness before Bach.

― Lars Gustafsson, from The Stillness of the World Before Bach
(1936 - 2016)

_ _ _ 

Sunday sermon


  1. HI Tatiana.
    I love this idea of searching for individuality in the universe where it doesn't exist.
    beautiful photo I love this idea of the truth of the reflection
    have a beautiful day.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, crederae. I am grateful!

  2. Thank you, Jonathan. A humble tribute to a great poet and writer.
    Deeply saddened by his passing . . .