A year a month a new day in the making

"Let us note well that all the contradictions in which we exist ― 
the misfortune of a thought that has nothing with which to begin 
and dissipates from one infinite to the other; 
the ambiguity by which we are scattered, not dwelling, 
incessantly coming and going, always here and there 
and yet nowhere, curious with regard to everything 
in order not to stop anywhere; 
a world in which nothing is either present or absent, 
where there is neither proximity not distance,
where everything escapes, leaving us the illusion of having everything ― 
all this is the consequence of a dispersing, pervasive, and errant obscurity 
that we have not had the force to fix in place."

― Maurice Blanchot


  1. ...just breathe...

    How lovely the image of the veiled One, whose immanence is subtly felt ....

  2. immanence . . . I love this word!
    Thank you, dear Flame.