This Road, My Road

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  1. I feel very fortunate to have lived long enough to see these, and even more fortunate that I have lived long enough to understand them, or at least to imagine that I do. Thank you again.

  2. Oh, thank You, William. I can relate to your thoughts, perhaps.
    These pastoral sceneries bring me back to my origin.

  3. I felt that right away. I marvel at how the senses are called upon — first awakened, perhaps, by the soft coloring of these dreamy impressions. Sight, certainly, but not firstly; touch and sound, assuredly; smell and taste, to me, most prominent of all. (Thank you for permitting me to ramble....)

  4. These photographs happened in Galicia, Spain, about 50km (two days away) from Santiago de Compostela.
    I was in a foreign land, yet the scenery felt so familiar at times, visceral, close to heart. Unreal, perhaps . . .
    Your poetic "rambling" is a most cherished gift to these series. Thank you, William!