Publication at Spectral Lyre

               I would like to share here an incredible piece of poetic prose by Tim Buck, inspired by one of my recent photographic artworks, Unravelling pattern. It is a tremendous honour and joy of acknowledgement to be showcased at Spectral Lyre amidst the works of great artists from the present and not so distant past.

               Below is the link to this delightful publication:
               Poetics of Light — looking at a photographic artwork by Tatiana Nakova 

                                                                 Unravelling Pattern

               I further extend my sincere gratitude to you, Jillian Parker, for following, appreciating and generously encouraging my artistic endeavors, and continuously inspiring me with your own enchanted poetry and prose at flameinthesnow, each piece a testament of grace, true love, acceptance.

               Gratitude to you, too, Tim Buck, for writing this piece, taking such a profound look at my work and at this "fractal" landscape in particular, and being able to see further than the curves of glowing sand and the waves of light in the setting sun, but reach deep into my soul at the core of being, "aching toward . . . that condition of the always-beyond-and-therefore-ideal."

               I am humbled, my heart full of joy, touched beyond words . . .

               With Love,
               Tatiana (bluestorm)

"One eye sees, the other feels." ― Paul Klee


  1. I am so in awe at your creations and humbled at the power of these connections. Much love.