"An arrow pierces the universe." (Juarroz)

_ _ _

An arrow pierces the universe.
It doesn't matter who shot it.
It crosses equally fluid and solid,
visible and invisible.
Trying to figure out where it's going would be
like imagining a wall around nothing.

Arrow from the anonymous to the anonymous,
from a void that isn't its origin
toward another void that isn't its destination.
Movement not resembling movement
but ecstasy constantly renewed.

I find the arrow in your hand
or you find it in my thought.
I can see it entering a cloud,
cutting a bird in two,
emerging from flowers and rains,
splitting a blindness,
penetrating the dead.

Perhaps its model anonymity
summons us to our own anonymity,
to be able also to liberate ourselves
from our beginning and our end.
(for Laura)

- Roberto Juarroz, tr. by Mary Crow


  1. Prompted in part by your posting of Aleksandr Wat's "Japanese Archery."
    I wish there is a reblog function here, to share such brilliance of expression. Thank you for all. Hugs.