hands that knit


  1. oh these photos are magical... what hands, what skill!!!

    i have taken up knitting again, lately. i find this to be an extremely beautiful, calming, soothing and fulfilling activity (so this touches me deeply, but also with a deep curiosity as i have been trying to learn how to knit such wooden socks and i couldn't get much out of the instructions on the internet, i am still looking!!! :-)

  2. Roxana dear, i would gladly share with you this ancient mastery. as a little girl i was taught by my grandmother. then it slipped away amid the hi-tech life i rush through now. this time though going back to my home country, i wanted to re-learn, my mother to teach me anew. and so she did - with patience and care! these being her hands that knit.
    i tried too looking up some instructions on how to finish the sock at the toes but couldn't find anything. so i had to pay a visit to an aunt of mine at the other end of the village, get the know-how from the source - i am so happy i was there, able to experience it all (precious!). i smile!