shaman Huichol Muvieri


  1. . . . "the apprenticeship of Huichol shamans is filled with challenges to the mind, body and soul: eating bird hearts, sucking lizard tails, grabbing rattlesnakes, entering the lion's den and running with the wolves. once they undertake these alliances, there's no going back for fear of fatal consequences. the key to obtaining metaphysical powers for the Huichols is overcoming their fears, not once, not twice, but five times for each ally they acquire. their boldness is a statement of faith to their gods, and is rewarded by a step up the spiritual ladder" . . .

  2. hi tane-mar
    awesome character sketch both visual and otherwise.
    It reminds me of a meditation that I just read.that the unnecessessary material possessions that we aquire, the things we do for pleasure-all our lives actually is simply a fear of abandonning ourselves in God.
    love and light

  3. yes, i think so too. thank you, raphaellae