"tactics and strategy"

"mi táctica es
aprender como eres
quererte como eres
. . . 
mi táctica es
quedarme en tu recuerdo
. . . quedarme en ti"

- Mario Benedetti
from "Táctica y estrategia"

my tactic is to look at you
to learn how you are
love you as you are

my tactic is to talk to you
and listen to you
and construct with words
an indestructible bridge

my tactic is to stay in your memory
i don't know how
nor with what pretext
but stay within you

my tactic is to be honest
and know you are too
and that we don't sell each other illusions

so that between us there is no curtain or abyss

my strategy instead is
deeper and simpler

my strategy is that some day
i don't know how nor with what pretext
that finally you need me

- Mario Benedetti
translation by Chris Kraul
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  1. i took this photograph at the end of last year, intrigued by the string of dainty lettering around the mirrored heart.
    it was part of a large heart-shaped wall decor on the main street of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

    recently i came across the entire poem, where the lines where borrowed from -
    "tactics and strategy" by Mario Benedetti. i am sharing it here.