window-shopping XVIII [silver spoon]


  1. i am not a fan of collages, but what you have created here is so fascinating... i learn to look at windows reflections in a new way!

  2. i do that every day - learning to grasp these frames in their immense complexity of present/now meeting at the flat surface of a windowpane. i am in awe at the way the camera takes these shots - how it chooses elements on both sides - which to keep, which to filter out. the photograph above - a great example.

    the grand quality of light here also - its ability to turn glass into mirror for the camera lens, but not my eyes (i can still see clearly inside the store). and last, but not least - the wondrous stories! it paints across. mesmerizing! i love this light! i smile.

    the window-shopping series are natural collages in single photographs for the most part of them (except three or four, where the collage technique is obvious). the rest is editing-to-enhance in terms of color and exposure, which i do anyways.