"soy mexico" (i'm mexico)

the people of mexico

_ _ _

                                                                                       "te quiero mexico!"


  1. oh i am fascinated with these!!! thank you so much for sharing them... these people are so beautiful, and you have managed to see them in so many different places, from so many different angles, but always with the same tenderness, one can feel this in the photos... and what lovely dresses the women have, what kind of celebration was that?

  2. yes I agree with what Roxana says and also I am captivated by the last photo the shimmering sea in the distance and the sands of time and yes the branches are calligraphic against the background.surrealistic.
    love and shimmering light haha, I usually only say love and light- I wonder why I have transformed this haha.

  3. these a photographs of people taken within the last year. i rarely do such, but sometimes the desire to capture a moment comes too irresistible to hold back. so i shoot, always fascinated with the genuineness of expressions/emotions here - joy, sadness, curiosity, annoyance, boredom etc. it is a very diverse culture with staggering social layers and people from all walks of life. of course, the smiles are the most captivating for me. i smile . . .

    the dresses are traditional mayan, and still very much worn by the local women - white, with stunning bright color embroideries. and the image depicts some kind of catholic procession on the street, right under my balcony.

    i am happy you like these. thank you!

  4. mirae, thank you. shimmering light, yes!
    i can see it in your delightful cirque du soleil series.
    the source of transformation, perhaps.