shimmering lights

"where the land is low, water will run." - Rumi


  1. oh tanja, these are magical...

    i would love to see them big, on my walls, to immerse quietly into this shimmering, the light murmuring of waves... to let myself float further and further, into the peacefulness of - perhaps- amniotic waters...

    and such colours!!! my favourite ones, subdued, colours of the earth... earth and water, together, the source of life, any life...

    i am so happy to be able to be here again, i've missed the quiet beauty, the depth of this world here...

  2. i am stricken at the fact you see it as amniotic fluid, i am.
    it is often the feeling i get swimming in this sea (caribbean).
    like going back in time, being at the place of the birth of the human race
    (as shirley maclaine described it in one of her books). i smile.