an iguana was resting at midday

on the shoulder blades of my merman


  1. Hi Tane-mar. the iguana is sooooooooooooo sweet. Fabulous photo.This is wonderful camouflage.I always like to compare the physical laws of nature to the psychological ones. I feel they are connected and well I have never considered this before but the camouflage is like conformity,if you don't conform you will be noticed.and stand out haha.
    I don't know if I accept this theory that camouflage was an accidental gene mutation and then the species evolved as the ones that did not have this trait died off.I would like to think that the gene mutation was more deliberate and more immediate.
    What do you think???I think you would be a good judge.

    have a beautiful magical day.

  2. mirae, love your line of thoughts. very much agree with all. thank you!
    there is a lot to do with adaptation too, i suppose - one's ability to adapt to changing/different conditions. even keeping with the ever so rapidly moving technology nowadays can be a challenge. but it brings us all together, for which i am grateful.

    the iguana survival skills are very much admirable. they had though thousands of years to figure it out. and they did it in a stunningly marvelous way, hands down - excellent fit for the tropical environment, no predictors whatsoever. (i support the "accidental gene" theory working its way generation after another.)

    in a single lifespan though "to learn, un-learn and re-learn" is essential. just my opinion.

    may magic grace you day as well!